The Legacy's Final Supper

What you see here is the 2009-2010 Legacy Magazine staff photo. The idea was brought to life during our last planning meeting. It was shot by Martin Mccalister, processed by Kim Foster and "photoshopped" by yours truly. The whole thing was very spontaneous and very fun to be a part of! Enjoy!

Chicago : Old Shots

Instead of studying for my last final and writing the two papers that I need to write, I have decided to take some time to post these old shots of Chicago. A friend of mine was asking for some pictures of buildings and in searching for some I found these. Enjoy.

Assignment from work : SNAPSHOT - Panning Cars

I shot another SNAPSHOT for work. A SNAPSHOT is a moving slide show of pictures exhibiting one single theme or topic. I was actually shooting a sunset snapshot from the top of some steps to a building when I decided that something with motion would be much more interesting. I decided to try panning for the first time. Panning is when you set your shutter to be open long enough for motion blur and then you follow your subject, keeping it in the same framing until the shutter closes. One problem with panning is that you lose sight of the subject while the shutter is open. My work around this was to simply look over the top of the camera and use the end of the lens as a viewpoint to track the subjects. Using a tripod (not necessary) I was able to follow some cars as they drove by moderately slow. Here are some of my favorites.

Charles Scott (Again)